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What does the Huawei ban mean for your Huawei or Honor phone?

Hadlee Simons 19 hours ago 1295 shares
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Google Pixel 3a review: The phone made for everyone

Justin Duino May 18, 2019 2336 shares
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US lifts Huawei ban, but only temporarily and in a limited scope

CafePress - Ark Of The Covenant - Queen Duvet 10 hours ago 19690 shares

OnePlus 7 Pro review: Bigger and brighter, but is it better?

David Imel May 17, 2019 642 shares
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Entry level Redmi phone surfaces online, could be Redmi 7A

Xiaomi's Redmi 6A had a sub-$90 price tag at launch, so hopefully this new phone is similarly cheap.
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Android 9 Pie update tracker: When will your phone get it? (Updated May 21)

Here's everything we know so far about the Android 9.0 Pie update, including which devices have received it and which may get it soon.
CafePress - Warrior - Queen Duvet Team AA2 hours ago95420 shares

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The Ultimate Mobile App Development Bundle is now 96% off

If you want to become an app development guru, this six-part training bundle is a great place to start.
AA Picks4 hours ago37 shares
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Premium Vinyl Decal Wraps (2) for Cornhole Bags Game- Bowling (BO1)

How to connect a laptop to a TV — wired and wireless options

Premium Vinyl Decal Wraps (2) for Cornhole Bags Game- Home of the Free (AFE3) Want to connect your laptop to a TV to watch Netflix and your vacation photos on the big screen? Here are a few different ways to do it.
Premium Vinyl Decal Wraps (2) for Cornhole Bags Game- orange Jeep (JP2) Mitja Rutnik6 hours ago107 shares
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Kernel sources and Android Q beta now available for the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro

Keep in mind that the Android Q beta is relatively unstable.
Chalkboard Circle Calendar 30 x 25.5 Wall Decal Williams Pelegrin10 hours ago103 shares
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US lifts Huawei ban, but only temporarily and in a limited scope

The license will expire halfway through August if something doesn't change.
Justin Duino10 hours ago19690 shares
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Pokémon Go update: More Sinnoh Pokémon and new lure module types

Tottenham Hotspur Club Football Harry Kane Violiniste Mural + Crest Autocollant Now is your chance to catch Cherubi, Gible, Hippopotas, and others from the Sinnoh region!
Team AA10 hours ago157 shares
Adhesivo cabeza de colcha decoración mural New York ref 3623 (5 sizes)
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This $49 Excel bootcamp is your ticket to a data analyst career

Become an expert Excel data analyst with a massive savings on this hands-on training kit.
Adhesivo de Pared Ventana Trampantojo Decoración Bonito Vista Ref 2517 AA Picks10 hours ago31 shares
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Samsung’s One UI makes its way to the Galaxy Watch, Gear S3, and Gear Sport

Samsung's One UI was already available on the Galaxy Watch Active.
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Here’s how to get Zen Mode for older OnePlus phones

Unfortunately, Zen Mode won't work on non-OnePlus devices.
Williams Pelegrin13 hours ago71 shares
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