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Following the Banning of ‘Warrior Training’ – Minneapolis Police Are Provided Free Training by Law Officer

Daily Training That Matters

Get a fresh new training video delivered each weekday for only $5 a month.

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Award Winning Training

Since our inception over a decade ago, Law Officer has emphasized the importance of professional training for law enforcement. From articles to sponsored training to the development of Below 100, our mission is to do all that we can to help facilitate training to law enforcement that not only can provide more safety but also professionalism.

While there are many training opportunities, Law Officer is unique in it’s specific focus combined with the expertise of it’s trainers. Simply put, we have gathered some of the finest trainers in the country to deliver some of the most dynamic training known to the first responder community.

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Seconds For Survival is a program that is designed to take the reactionary gap off of the officer and put it back onto the suspect. This is not only one of the most popular courses in the country, but one of the most important for every police officer.



While there are hundreds of leadership courses and thousands of books dedicated to the subject, law enforcement continues to be plagued with a serious lack of leadership and risk management principles. The Courageous Leadership Seminar is designed for all ranks and discusses vital aspects of leadership that is practical for all.

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EVOC instructors have perfected “how” to operate an emergency vehicle while focusing less on “when” to drive fast. Beyond the Cones is NOT a seminar to simply say “slow down.” This seminar clearly provides the police driver with the dynamics of how to survive an emergency response.


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The first 10 minutes a first-line supervisor arrives at a critical incident will most often determine the success of the operation. A common failure of most agencies is they promote but fail to provide the necessary training for a first-line supervisor/sergeant to be successful. This seminar takes an in-depth look at the decisions and tactics a supervisor should consider.

Coming Soon

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"The best presentation I have had in over 22 years in law enforcement."

Sgt., Michael Huber – McMinnville Police Department

"I walked away motivated and inspired! Thank you for what you do, helping Officers better themselves. Our Officers and Communities are better with this type of training."

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Officer Corey Rosen – Boardman Police Department

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"Every one of Travis’s projects or training programs that I have witnessed and/or been involved in is well thought out and goals and objectives oriented. Simply put – anything Travis does will be done well."

Tony Scotti – Vehicle Dynamics Institute

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  Submit this quick contact form and a Training specialist will be in touch with you shortly.

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I would like more information on:

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Check back as we are adding new locations and dates for 2019. Law Officer is actively seeking Departments with an interest to host one or all of our training seminars. If you are interested in hosting please Contact Law Officer today.

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No event found!
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CASHMERE, Wash. – A bungling felon from Washington state made a series of blunders when he shot himself in the testicles and tried to hide the weapon — all while storing drugs up his butt, a report said Wednesday. Cameron Jeffrey Wilson, 27, was carrying a handgun in...

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Well-taught leadership principles look good in the abstract, but leaders frequently fail in the execution. If leaders cannot artfully perform the conceptual sciences of leadership, they are like sexy models without a brain. They may look good, but ask for some...

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