The Most Portable Tennis Ball Launcher, Ever.

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Made to Launch.

Slinger Bag allows you to simply and easily control the launch speed and the launch frequency of the balls using two customizable dials.
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What makes unique?


Slinger Bag is lightweight and portable. You can carry it, roll it and easily store it in the trunk of your car. On court Slinger Bag can be set up to start launching balls within 1 minute.
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Targeted to be 50% of the price of any of our competitors, Slinger Bag is the ideal, affordable launcher for players of all ages and abilities.
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Slinger Bag isn’t just an incredible ball launcher it is also a multi-functional tennis bag with storage to transport 72 tennis balls, your wallet, keys, towel and water bottle. Oh, and it can even charge your cell phone!

How it Works?

Set Slinger Bag down

Set your Slinger Bag launch preferences

Start Playing

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Slinger Bag Stats

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Empty weight


Minimum launch speed


Maximum launch speed


Battery Life


Launcher Ball Capacity

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Slinger Bag also holds your racquets, your wallet and keys, your towel and water bottle and can even charge your cell phone!

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For Players of all ages and abilities
"Your Perfect Practice Partner"


Slow ball speed and frequency to allow you to groove your strokes

Social Players

Set your own pace and have fun while improving your game

Avid Players

Ramp up speed and frequency for a tougher workout
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Drill specific shots and routines to hone your performance
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Telescopic Ball Tube

We don’t just innovate Ball Launchers. We are also constantly working to innovate your on court tennis experience and enjoyment. So after your practice session is over, our Telescopic Ball Tube makes picking up the balls a whole lot easier!

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Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

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